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Curbside Do's

  • Trash and Recycling Separated

  • Cardboard Bundled

  • Recyclables in Wilkinsburgh Issued Bin

Curbside Don'ts

  • Can Larger than 35 Gallons

  • Loose Garbage Creating Litter

  • Boxes Not Bundled

  • Recycling In Plastic Bags

  • E-waste and Household Hazardous Waste Prohibited

  • Auto Parts Prohibited

** Recycling is collected every other week.
Cardboard and other recyclable materials will only be accepted on recycling week. **

Accepted Items
•    Aluminum and steel cans
•    Glass bottles, jars, and jugs (remove caps and put in regular trash)
•    Plastics with any number from 1-5 (check for the symbol on the container)
•    Newspapers (bundled and tied), magazines, catalogs, phone books
•    Paperboard, such as cereal boxes
•    Junk mail, office paper, mixed paper (including pamphlets, brochures, booklets)
•    Corrugated cardboard (broken down and flattened)
•    Pizza boxes (empty and clean, free of food debris and wax paper)

Not Accepted
•    Styrofoam
•    Light Bulbs
•    Window Glass
•    Plastic Bags
•    Electronics or Appliances

Once the recyclables are collected, they are separated at a single-stream recycling plant using modern technologies. We hope the combined collection will make recycling more accessible and convenient for you and increase our total recycling as a Borough. The more we recycle, the more significantly we can reduce our landfill disposal cost.


To obtain curbside recycling bins or for more information, please contact the Department of Public Works at

(412) 244-2934.

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Residential Refuse Information

2024 Curbside Recycling and Refuse Calendar

Version 12/29/2023

2024 Wilkinsburgh Recycling Calendar

Version 12/29/2023

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