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Budgets, Financials, Documents & Checklists


Like all important decisions in life, becoming a homeowner comes with lots of responsibilities. Please review this section in order to find out what paperwork you need in order to comply with all regulations. Take a look at the documents provided by Beacon Hill Townhouse Home Owners Association, and let us know if you have any questions.

** Completed Forms can be emailed to

OR Placed in the Secure Black Box at the Clubhouse. **


We prefer that you use the online forms located on the Forms Tab on our website.



BHT - 2024 Budget


BHT - Financial Reports

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Minutes


BHR - 2024 Budget

BHR - Financial Reports

BHT - Code of Conduct

Version 06/20/2024

BHT - Full Reserve Study by Reserve Advisors

Version 11/01/2023

BHT - Full Reserve Study - Spreadsheets

Version 11/01/2023

Adobe PDF Documents:

BHT - Declaration

Version 10/29/1980

BHT - Code of Regulations

Version 10/29/1980

BHT - Rules and Regulations

Version 10/22/2023

BHT - Pet Registration (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 10/22/2023

BHT - Canine Commitment (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 10/22/2023

BHT - Exterior Alteration Request (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 10/22/2023

BHT - Complaint Form (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 10/22/2023

BHT - Satellite Dish Rules (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 10/22/2023

BHT - Board Application (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 11/04/2023

BHT - Homeowner Information (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 11/15/2023

WB - Occupancy Permit Application (Adobe PDF Form)

Version 10/22/2023


Move In Maintenance Checklist

Version 10/22/2023

Extended Absence Preparation Checklist

Version 10/22/2023

Appliance Maintenance Checklist

Version 10/22/2023

Deep Clean Checklist

Version 10/22/2023

Beacon Hill Recreational Association
Pool Rules / Waiver and Reservation Forms (Adobe PDF Forms)

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